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Ongoing Counsel for Peace of Mind at a Reasonable Fee

Your estate planning is about more than a will or a trust that you create once, put on a shelf, in a drawer, or on a hard drive, and never look at again. We know if we sell you that, it’s your family who will suffer.

It’s why we don’t just prepare documents you could create yourself online, but instead guide you through a family- focused, heart-centered counseling process to understand the planning you really need based on your family dynamics and your assets, and deliver planning that works to keep your family out of court and out of conflict.

Having a plan that works requires your plan to be reviewed and updated over time, as your life changes, the law changes, and your assets change.

That’s why our Legacy Planning Process includes our TFL FamilyCare Program (“FCP”). Our FCP is designed to ensure that your plan shifts, changes and grows with you and your family over time – efficiently, effectively, and affordably.

Why Join Our FCP?

Our FCP provides the peace of mind to know your plan will work for your family when they need it. Without FCP, your documents are out of date as soon as something changes in your life, such as a new investment, new account, new property, new asset, new family member – or a changing relationship circumstance.

Look back at your life just three years ago and consider how much has changed. If you created a plan back then, would all your choices and decisions still be the same? Would the inventory of your assets even still apply? Has there been movement in your life, assets, or the law that needs to be incorporated to ensure your plan works for the people you love?

Our FCP is the assurance and peace of mind to know that as your life changes, the law changes, and your assets change, your legal documents, your inventory of assets, and the people you’ve named in your plan will too. The FCP is our commitment to your future and the legacy you’ll leave behind.

Here’s what we include with the FCP:

  • Complimentary Annual Reviews: With our annual review process, we’ll support you to revisit your planning each year efficiently and effectively so you know you’ve done the right thing by the people you love with ease.
  • Special Members-Only Pricing for Plan Updates: Life changes, your assets change, and so should your estate plan. As a member, you’ll be able to make basic changes to your planning documents at no charge as well as receive discounted pricing on more extensive or complex plan updates.
  • Family Matters: We extend special member-only pricing to your family members because their planning impacts you and your future.
  • Legacy Interviews: Create a lasting testament of your life, values, and wishes with our Life & Legacy Interviews. These interviews guide you to share stories, wisdom, and messages with your loved ones. These interviews are what your loved ones will cherish most, bar none.
  • And More: Just like your plan will change over time, so will our FCP – as we’re constantly evolving and adding new benefits to support you.

With Our FamilyCare Program, You Can Live & Die in Peace

Becoming a member of our FamilyCare Program means knowing you and your family have us in your corner for life … and beyond. Contact us today to schedule a Legacy Planning Session, or a review of your existing plan to determine if you qualify for our FamilyCare Program.

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