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I look forward to meeting you and hearing about you and your family and helping you decide what you and your family really need moving forward if something were to happen to you. Our goal is to keep your family out of court and court of conflict.

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Still unsure? Its normal to be a little uneasy about estate planning. Many of our happiest clients started just where you are right now.

But, when they read the best-selling book on estate planning for families, Wear Clean Underwear (I know, it’s a funny name, right?) they felt more at ease, educated, and informed. I would love to send you a copy of this eBook for free, as my gift to you for considering working with me.
Simply fill out our contact form and enter your name and email address and I’ll send you Wear Clean Underwear: A Fast, Fun, Friendly – and Essential – Guide to Planning for Busy Families.

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Get instant access this free guide so you can learn how DIY legal services, one-size-fits-all legal documents, and price-shopping for legal counsel can lead to:

  • Divisive family conflict over assets
  • Thousands of dollars needlessly spent on court and legal fees
  • Estate plan documents that fail to account for inevitable life changes
  • Inheritances diminished by the Texas probate process
  • Assets lost to the Texas State Dept. of Unclaimed Property.

Free Kids Protection Resources:

Name Your Children’s Legal Guardians For Free:
Don’t let a judge, who doesn’t know you or what matters to you, decide who raises your children or handles the money you’ll leave behind.
Having a will or naming godparents is simply not enough to keep the court system from making decisions about your children’s care in the event of your incapacity or death. (Surprising, we know)
Legally naming guardians is the first step to keep family out of expensive and unnessary conflict.

We Represent Individuals and Families

Family Security

Make sure your loved ones are taken care of if something happens to you.

Estate Planning

We help you rest easy that your family knows what you want when you pass.

Creative Financing

We have creative financing available to our clients so you can plan now.

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